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Automated Trading

Link your account to our service and have all trades placed by our experienced traders placed for you as well! Perfect for busy-bodied traders.


Real Time Signals

Have time to trade but can't find the plays you need to see the gains you want? No worries! We have several analysts signaling live daily!

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Long Term & Retirement

Just because we focus on trading doesn't mean we don't understand the importance of longterm and retiremant options. Ask us how we can help!


Trading Contests

Planning your trades and practicing good trader psychology is key, which is why our trading contests are a fun way to both encourage and enforce.


Tools and Resources

Whether you're wanting access to paid TradingView scripts to free stock research, or even access to our unusual options flow dashoard, we got you covered.


Online Training

Learning how to trade is already hard enough, and doing it without an experienced mentor to guide you makes it almost impossible. Let us make it effortless.


870.Trades by Homegrown Investments thrives on providing the superior support organisations and individuals alike need to thrive in a fast-changing world.

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